Philippine Nurses Association of  North Carolina

Fostering the professional and

personal growth of

Filipino-American nurses

in North Carolina.

How can PNA-NC help you?

Privilege of Representation:


We promote unity and represent the interest of Filipino American nurses in the state of North Carolina.

Leadership Development:

Active members are eligible to hold elective office and serve on the elected or appointed committee, to serve as delegates to any annual or special meeting.

Educational Opportunities:

Active members are eligible for free or reduced fees to conventions and educational programs with CEU offerings.

Professional Networking** :

Networking at regional and national levels and with other organizations and agencies in order for all members to develop and implement programs relevant to the nursing practice, education and research.


** PNA-NC Members are automatically members of PNAA (Philippine Nurses Association of America)


You can visit the site of PNAA here: